viernes, 7 de agosto de 2015

You know when you think that everything is okay, that you're world is perfect and you're the luckiest person in the world? 
When you have that feeling, the universe knows you're feeling "happy" for once in you're whole pathetic life, and apparently the don't like yo being happy. 
So what do they do? They throw something bad that totally ruins you're whole existence and makes you feel deppresive, suicidal, and basically really bad. 
And you separate from people, because they don't love you at that moment and they need to think about how much they hate you for what you did, or what you didn't did. And you realize, that those people are the only ones that love you, but just when you're nice. When you have done something bad, that it's not even really bad, they treat you like the shit you always feel like it. 
So, there you see, that anyone really cares about you. 
So better watch out with who are you. 
xoxo, Gossip Girl.